We’re ready to meet the extra burden of responsibility that comes with the territory.

Public entities face two inescapable realities: A constant pressure on resources which demands doing more with less. A need to demonstrate the utmost responsibility with the public’s money.

When every dollar matters.

Here’s a simple lesson in mathematics, courtesy of your local public school district. It’s often called the “zero-sum game.” Look at the reality of any school system and you’ll see the chronic shortage of money. And you’ll quickly see that every dollar spent on claims for accident, illness or injury is a dollar taken from the primary mission of giving kids the best possible education.

Enter Gallagher Bassett, providing true partnership and Public Entity Solutions that serve those who serve our communities. With efficiency that comes from a robust network of services providers. And experience that recognizes and adapts to the specific needs and concerns of the public sector. We’re able to deliver better outcomes for those in need. While protecting the resources needed for the common good.


A clear case for “a clear case.”

We’re keenly aware of the privilege and responsibility that comes with the chance to administer claims on behalf of local and state entities. We believe it’s our service to you that makes your service to your taxpayers and residents possible. We strive for complete compliance, not only with regard to statute. But also with contracts and obligations from the various unions and collective bargaining agreements that govern how your people are looked after. We’re experienced guides through the regulatory thicket. And for years, we’ve brought our clients and their claimants safely through to the best possible outcome.

That’s why school districts, as well as municipal, county and state governments all put their trust in us. for a higher level of care and service. At any level.