Control general liability costs with industry expertise and timely action

When a general liability claim hits your organization, it has both immediate impact and aftershocks on your operation and the injured party. How your organization reacts to even one slip-and-fall accident can impact your reputation and your bottom line. Your ability to respond quickly — and to get a response quickly from your claims services partner — can make all the difference in the outcome for everyone.

At Gallagher Bassett, we understand the critical need for timeliness, which is why we react quickly to expertly adjudicate the claim, control the risk of escalation, and mitigate costs for better outcomes.

As people become more eager to share their customer experiences (good and bad) around the world with photos and videos, it pays to have a partner who handles your liability claims in a way that protects your financial interests and safeguards the brand your team worked so hard to build.

Some highlights of our general liability claims program include:

  • 24-hour first notice of loss intake across multiple media
    • Phone, web portal, email, and mobile integration
  • In-depth investigation services (field, photo, desk)
  • Dedicated, in-house, fully integrated subrogation team
  • Trained Resolution Managers with specific industry experience in retail, hospitality, manufacturing, healthcare, and more
  • Litigation management and alternative dispute resolution
  • Data-driven reserve management
  • Luminos, Risk Management Information System (RMIS)
    • Configurable dashboards, benchmarking tools, analytics.

Learn more about our solutions and proprietary tools

Gallagher Bassett's litigation management solutions are designed around the idea that early assessment and skilled evaluation of cases ultimately reduce the amount of time, effort, and cost associated with successful claim resolution.

With our in-house staff of experienced attorneys and partnerships with skilled industry practitioners, we offer our clients valuable benefits, including, but not limited to:

  • Pre-litigation client consulting
    • Assessment of the claim/case, settlement negotiation with the claimant, etc.
  • Oversight of clients' outside counsel
    • Manual review of every bill, legal direction for the most efficient and effective case resolution.


Managing a claims program requires significant information at your fingertips to make quality decisions. Through our partnership with Origami Risk, Gallagher Bassett has created a truly unique hybrid RMIS for our clients, carriers, and broker partners.

Alongside core Origami RMIS software features, we utilize our claims expertise and internal data-science resources to integrate select proprietary computing tools into our Luminos RMIS product suite.

Drawing from our repository of total cost of risk (TCOR) management intellectual capital, we provide our own add-on suite of data benchmarks, scorecards, and AI-driven predictive analytics to deliver the actionable information required to drive superior claims outcomes.


Our experience handling more than $9 billion in claims every year has taught us that certain key decisions in the claims process can have an outsized impact on the trajectory of a claim.

That's why we provide our claims professionals with decision support tools integrated into the claims process to help them make the right decisions at the right time, time and again.


Make Gallagher Bassett your partner for general liability claims management

With our multidisciplinary approach to superior claims management, risk monitoring, and legal best practices, Gallagher Bassett is your top choice when it comes to general liability claims and risk management.

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