Upgrade your risk management strategy with safety training

At Gallagher Bassett, workplace safety training and education are key parts of our comprehensive approach to risk management. We work closely with clients to equip their workforce with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively identify and remedy workplace hazards before accidents and injuries can occur.

Proactive safety training can reduce the number and severity of workplace accidents and can also:

  • Lower workers' compensation costs
  • Build workers' confidence, improving overall performance and productivity
  • Improve safety ratings and regulatory compliance
  • Increase employee retention and boost recruitment
  • Provide an opportunity to discover efficiencies in work processes.

Gallagher Bassett safety training and education resources by topic

Accredited Environmental Health & Safety

From OSHA general industry and construction programs, to fully customized Environmental Health & Safety trainings including HAZWOPER, our accredited training ensures employees have the tools to work safely on any job.


NYC construction industry worksite safety

For individuals in the construction industry, or employers seeking training for a whole crew, our courses will help you meet New York City's rigorous certification requirements and keep you in compliance. All training is approved by NYC Department of Buildings (DOB) or Fire Department (FDNY).


NYC safety plans, loss control and logistics

Safety plans, training, staffing, and consulting services for construction projects in New York City. All training is approved by NYC Department of Buildings (DOB) or Fire Department (FDNY).


General industry workplace safety

Comprehensive online library of general industry workplace safety training including hazard awareness modules, supervisor training and development, and a virtual OSHA compliance program.


Equip your team with training on more than 2,100 safety and workplace topics

More than 100 Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards require employee training, and specific training is often required in industries like construction and manufacturing where heavy machinery is used and safety risks are heightened. Our clients have access to the training required for a wide array of industries and various safety positions, as well as an extensive library of more than 2,100 topics from industrial hygiene to sexual harassment.

Many of our classes are offered in a variety of formats, including in-person, as hybrid courses, online classes, and video on demand. Clients can also request customized on-site training classes for their employees.

Make Gallagher Bassett your partner for workplace safety training

With access to required training for a wide array of industries and safety positions, plus more than 2,100 topics from industrial hygiene to sexual harassment, you can always find the training you need with Gallagher Bassett.

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