Building a solid foundation for loss control in the construction industry

Gallagher Bassett provides comprehensive, end-to-end risk management solutions designed specifically for the construction industry.

Through claims management and risk control services, we support your projects from pre-construction through closeout, focusing on the following:

  • Loss prevention with safety training and site safety programs
  • Loss mitigation with managed care and settlement specialists
  • Loss remediation with our Environmental Health & Safety services
  • Loss resolution with experienced claims handling and management.

Our tenured professionals build trusting and collaborative partnerships with clients for tailored solutions that improve cost savings, efficiency, communication, and control throughout a project lifecycle. And because we own the totality of our solutions, we remove the need to seek additional vendors or third parties for a project, allowing us to limit the impact of risk and achieve better outcomes.

At Gallagher Bassett, we are committed to the construction space — understanding, analyzing, and addressing emerging risks and gaps in the marketplace, so our clients can focus on the aspects of their businesses that matter most to them.

Our construction experience

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Figures represent 2022 year-end results and include all coverages.

Case studies and testimonials: Construction industry success stories

Using our proven best practices, our knowledgeable professionals work collaboratively with you to integrate your program goals and expectations with our risk management and claims handling abilities and services. Here are just a few examples of success.

GBCARE™ program lowers workers' compensation medical costs, reduces lost days.

Learn how a highly coordinated medical management strategy met this builder client's goals with results such as:

  • 30% fewer lost workdays on average
  • 19% reduction of average medical costs paid on workers' compensation claims year over year.


We are appreciative of our long-term partnership with Gallagher Bassett. Whether it is achieving a superior outcome on a complex construction defect claim, returning an employee to work, or leveraging Luminos for custom RMIS solutions — GB supports us as a true partner!

Director, Risk Management, Fortune 500 Home Construction Company

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Custom claims handling focused on construction risk exposures

While we handle all types of insurance claims, the most common liabilities we manage for our construction clients include:

  • Workers' Compensation
  • Property
  • Product Liability
  • General Liability
  • Auto Liability
  • Cyber and Tech E&O Liability
  • Employment Practices Liability.

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Robust health and safety risk management programs

In addition to claims management, we partner with clients to assist with workplace safety, exposure mitigation, reduction of potential liability claims, and compliance with state and federal regulatory laws. Some key elements of our solutions are:

  • Oversight, implementation, and revision of Health & Safety protocols and policies
  • On-site and web-based training for workers and supervisors
  • A certified individual (Emergency Medical Technician [EMT], first responder, safety professional) on-site to oversee and administer your Health & Safety program.

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Additional specialty solutions for the construction industry include:

Full array of options to promote safety at the job site

Good safety practices are integral to the construction development process. We work with clients to improve job site safety through:

  • Work site safety plans and logistics
  • On-site medical technicians and trained safety compliance professionals
  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) compliance training
  • On-site safety training services.


Courses that construction workers need

Our industry-leading instruction is offered via in-person classes, blended instruction, or self-paced learning with our virtual and online catalog of courses available in English and Spanish. Some of the courses we provide include:

  • OSHA certifications
  • Asbestos and lead awareness
  • Hoisting and rigging
  • Drug and alcohol awareness training
  • First aid and CPR.


Required courses to earn SST card

Under Local Law 196 in New York City, certain construction and demolition workers are required to hold SST cards as official proof that they have completed the necessary hours of DOB-approved site safety training.

We offer accredited and DOB-approved training courses as well as SST card applications for both new and renewal cards. Before issuing an SST card, Gallagher Bassett verifies all training hours completed to ensure that a worker or supervisor meets the requirements set forth under Local Law 196 and the New York City DOB site safety training curriculum.


Safety supplies and PPE

It takes the right gear to keep your workers protected on construction sites and workplaces. We offer access to the essential safety supplies and equipment required to assist clients in the management of safe construction projects, including personal protective equipment (PPE).


Connect with our construction team

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Make Gallagher Bassett your dependable construction partner

From making sure the ground is free of contamination pre-construction to ensuring the safety of a work site and testing the air quality inside of the building post-construction, Gallagher Bassett serves as your dependable construction lifecycle partner.


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