Technological investments that improve the claims management experience

At Gallagher Bassett, we strategically invest in technology that enhances the client experience by providing process transparency for better communication, deploying the right resources at the right time, and offering data-driven actionable insights.

For example, when we automate the more routine and administrative tasks in the claims process, our Resolution Managers have more time to focus on what ultimately brings claims to resolution: building trust, facilitating return-to-work strategies with clients, and leveraging the right tools to engage the appropriate physician or litigation support.

Technology is also essential for harnessing the collective expertise of our organization through decision-support tools. Whether evaluating reserves, selecting medical providers or defense counsel, or considering intervention and settlement strategies, our claims professionals are able to draw on the insights and experience of Gallagher Bassett from millions of claims to make the best possible decision for every situation.

Data integrity and quality is critical in our industry, and data analytics are increasingly important in managing the impact of risk. By providing uncompromised data, we help support targeted loss control efforts and more effective risk and claims management for our clients.

Learn more about how Gallagher Bassett leverages data from our systems and tools to provide actionable insights and deliver superior outcomes.

Technology Solutions