We believe in doing the right thing.
In the right way.

And Gallagher Bassett has always understood there’s a better way. The Gallagher Way. 25 Tenets that have grown, strengthened and sustained us since 1962. And informed the actions we take every day. Chief among these tenets is:

We run to problems. Never from them.

From workers suffering a loss, to organizations needing to move forward - people are counting on us. We’re aware of it and ready to meet the challenge. In everything from our people to our processes and systems. Because demonstrably superior outcomes don’t just happen. They’re made.

It starts with empowering our Resolution Managers - and all of us - to Own the Outcome. Time and again, our people bring:

Strength of Experience

To GUIDE those suffering a loss. To GUARD our clients’ interests. And to GO BEYOND in the continuous pursuit of a better way.

Gentle Bear

Combine compassion and strength, and you get GB Gentle Bear. Our emissary of compassion. Read all about him. How can you bear not to?

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Community Involvement

We believe a culture of caring is a competitive advantage. See how we put it into action through giving back to our communities.

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