A claim isn’t just a number or a figure.

In fact, it isn’t even a claim. It’s a story. A story of a person’s need and struggle to be made whole or made better. And, like any story, it has a beginning. A middle. And an end. No matter where the story starts, no matter what twists and turns
in the road, they all want to end up in the same place. At a demonstrably
superior outcome.

Waypoint points the way (logically enough).

Throughout the journey of a claim, a Gallagher Bassett Resolution Manager must make critical decisions, time and again. The choice made at one step can have a dramatic effect on what follows on. So, we don’t offer one tool for decision support. We offer an integrated system. We offer Waypoint.

Waypoint is decision support at its most robust. Taking structured and unstructured data, applying it to models gleaned from handling more than $9 billion in claims every year and arriving at enhanced decision outputs. These, in turn, create that “best route” just as your GPS calculates your best route to deliver you faster and safer.

When you take this capability and give it to the finest Resolution Managers in the industry, you’re coupling technology and people in a way that drives a demonstrably superior outcome.

And drives the story to that happy ending.

If you’d like to unleash the power of Waypoint to enable better decisions, we invite you to connect with us.