Today the transportation industry is faced with many challenges – inflated medical costs, lack of predictability in the courts, rising jury damages, plaintiff’s quicker to file and unrealistic time and policy limit demands to name a few. As a result Transportation companies experience surging insurance rates that pressure earnings and cut into profits.

Now is the time to bring added expertise and focus to your transportation claims. GB's Major Case Unit (MCU) provides the best resolution on the most complex and high exposure claims.

  • Specialized team of seasoned transportation claim professionals
  • Handles only the most complex or high exposure claims
  • Each MCU member carries a workload tailored to the complexity of files managed Involved in all levels of the claim from assignment until resolution
  • Takes a proactive and aggressive approach to claims management
  • Works collaboratively with client and specialized transportation defense counsel to secure favorable resolution

The GB Transportation MCU focuses on files with incurred value greater than $150,000 or claims with nature of loss including, but not limited to amputation, burns, brain damage, scarring, multiple fractures and death will be evaluated and routed to the MCU. These files typically represent ~5% of claim volume, but over 2/3 of incurred values for clients with transportation exposures.

How Our MCU Drives Superior Outcomes

FNOL Rapid response for catastrophic claims; controlling the scene, gathering essential evidence. Specialized processes to contain injury escalation and identify volatility.

INVESTIGATION Focus on resolving a claim at every step in the process, lowering severity and expense exposure. Reviews of medical evidence for indications of buildup, over diagnostic testing, pairing of treatment. Social Media checks. Preservation of evidence. Direct information exchange and negotiation with opposition.

DEFENSE Selection of transportation-specific defense counsel. Early assessment of liability and settlement versus trial value. Continuous feedback loop with all of Transportation Claims for ongoing training and development.

RESOLUTION Use of written Offer Letters early in the claim to further initiate resolution and prevent claimant “anchor” demands. Panel of external expert witnesses. Familiarity with venue and plaintiff attorneys to accelerate negotiation.


Gallagher Bassett Transportation is the industry’s leading team of transportation claim specialists. We have tremendous breadth and depth of expertise in transportation claims and manage more than 165,000 claims annually.


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To learn more about GB’s MCU can address your most severe and complex transportation claims, please click the links below to watch our videos and download more information on our detailed solutions and services.

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