Gallagher Bassett understands that what
you don’t know can, most definitely, hurt you.
And others.

We understand that within every enterprise lie behavioral, operational, internal and external factors that could lead to significant claims and loss. To know where the dangerous currents await, you need a chart and an experienced pilot.

The people in our Assessment Services practice are your navigators towards a safer future for your operations and everyone involved with it. They’ll work with you to uncover the lurking dangers and deliver a comprehensive risk evaluation that’s clear. Thorough. Actionable. And built just for you.

We conduct hazard surveys that look at every step in your operations. Analyze losses and benchmark your performance against comparable entities to see how you’re stacking up in controlling and eliminating risk. We also audit your safety program for compliance with OSHA, state regulatory agencies, and union agreement.

GB Risk Assessment can also help you better understand exposure to ergonomic risk and work with you to enhance your safety program. All to help you drive down the frequency, severity, and cost of claims.

And to create a safer and better workplace for all.

If you’re ready to take a close look at your risk, we’re ready to help you. For more information, we invite you to connect with us.