Discover the freedom of Gallagher Bassett.

There’s a freedom that comes with knowing your claims are being managed to the best possible outcome. It’s the freedom to focus your organization on the tasks of today and the opportunities of tomorrow. Without needing to worry about yesterday’s obligations.

As Claims Services Providers, we partner with businesses around the world and across the economic landscape. And, like all good partnerships, this one thrives on each party staying focused on what they do best. And taking that focus to a higher level of performance.

When you choose GB to manage your claims, you’re choosing best in breed service and performance. You’re choosing to source the fulfillment of claims to demonstrably superior outcomes. And you’re choosing to move your people - and your company - forward. Faster and further.


From aviation to hospitality. From food service to energy. From manufacturing to retail. We speak business fluently. Bringing to bear knowledge and insight of the unique concerns, threats and opportunities that face your sector and your brand. And we position you to make the least of the threats and the most of those opportunities.

Whether it’s Workers' Compensation, General Liability, Product Liability or Professional Liability, Gallagher Bassett delivers demonstrably superior outcomes. We deliver the kind of results that everyone from the C-suite to the business media agrees show the greatest possible stewardship of the assets and interests of your company.

When people stay healthier…when they stay safer…when they return to work faster. That’s when they’re unleashed to be their best. And when your business is unleashed to be its best.

We invite you to grow from our experience.

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