Say hello to the future.

One of the largest challenges facing the workers’ compensation industry is rising medical cost and mismanagement of care. When every patient is unique, producer expertise varies, and medical practices keep changing, how can resolution managers be expected to keep up? Enter our Treatment Quality Index (TQI), a decision support tool that takes the data you want your resolution manager to know and makes it usable. What’s our source? Over 5,000 medical journal articles published every month, 68,000 diagnoses codes, 8,000 procedural codes, 1,500 FDA approved medications in the market, best medical standards, and industry-wide benchmarks. When you use the power of evidence based medicine (EBM), you facilitate the best outcomes for patients. When you make those guidelines understandable to all resolution managers, regardless of experience, you get superior outcomes.  

With the TQI, we have established a new standard for outcomes measurement, moved beyond the easily manipulated and archaic metrics based on treatment costs and utilization alone, promoting a more comprehensive measure of quality of care. It’s easily understood, standardized for benchmarking against the industry, and is measurable at any time – whether you’re looking at the claim, aggregated claims, provider, provider networks, or client level data. It is reported as a percentage, measured against the EBM guidelines proven in peer-reviewed clinical studies. The higher the score, the better the outcomes. It’s that simple.


To learn more about TQI, watch our overview video or connect with us to learn more.