If your claims management program is
running at absolute peak performance,
then read no further.

But for those of us living in the real world, discover the difference Stewardship Reporting from Gallagher Bassett can make.

It’s an analytics program – and a philosophy – which embodies our never-ending quest for ways to improve all we do. We use deep methodology to pinpoint specific areas of enhancement. We show you how you can capitalize on them. And how you can deliver results.

Our Stewardship Reporting is a breed apart. With Advanced Trending/Variance Analyses, showing you not only how costs are changing… but why. Adjusted for claim age, settlement aggressiveness, and complexity.

SMART Benchmarking stands for Severity Mix Adjusted Rating Technique. It’s our proprietary benchmark that delivers the truest apples-to-apples comparisons of claim outcomes available in the industry.

Along with deep dives on the drivers of your Total Cost of Risk. From litigation management to managed care. And everything in between. So you’re never in the dark about hidden factors eroding your program’s results.

It’s powerful, actionable analytics. And it all gets delivered to you with a program “report card” showing all key metrics on a clear single slide – ideal for sharing as a quantitative executive summary.

It’s said a problem without a solution isn’t a problem… it’s just a fact. GB Stewardship Reporting turns potential problems and opportunities into solutions. And delivers better results.

If you’d like to put your claims management program on our regimen of performance enhancement, we invite you to connect with us.