Where will your next claim occur?

A collision and load spill on FM 1213 in Midland, TX? Or an injury at a tool plant in Memphis, TN? It doesn’t matter where. What counts is how, and how quickly you’re able to respond. And there’s no better response than ClaimZone Reporter from Gallagher Bassett.

ClaimZone Reporter is an innovative claims software platform that enables you to better manage risk. We built it to enable incident reporting for Workers’ Comp in all 50 states. And with customized questionnaires for general liability, auto, and property claims. Claimzone Reporter seamlessly sends your submitted claim to your specific distribution list, and then on to your claim system –
like RISX-FACS® or ClaimZone.

OSHA logs are generated right from your first report, too and can be integrated right into your internal ClaimZone Reporter webpage.

Internet-based, it’s a solution that’s been optimized for today’s go anywhere, be everywhere, 24/7 pace of play. Giving you multiple, unlimited reports from any location. Completely secure and completely customizable. Even down to the ability to make your own forms.

It’s part of the ClaimZone Advantage… applications designed, developed, tested, and enhanced with the claims professional in mind.

Collaborative. Clear. Comprehensive.

Where the story of your next claim ends up can depend a great deal on how it begins. With ClaimZone Reporter, you’re off to the best possible start. And on your way to the best possible outcome.

To learn more about how ClaimZone Reporter can improve your program’s performance, we invite you to connect with us.