When GB talks about delivering demonstrably superior outcomes, we’d draw your attention to that word demonstrable.

We believe in the power of proof that’s made possible by our analytic tools.
We believe in the power of transparency, evidenced by our reporting tools.

And most of all, we believe in the power of people. So we give our Resolution Managers decision support tools that help them drive better outcomes faster.
If they’re the quarterbacks, then this is their playbook.

See how we’re changing the face of the claims industry through platforms and solutions like LUMINOS, ClaimZone Reporter, Stewardship Reporting,  GBGO® mygbclaim, GBGO® firstconnect, Waypoint, and Rx Profile.

From LUMINOS, our analytics platform, delivering better insights into program performance to GBGO, our mobile app that lets the injured better manage their claim and get in communication with their Resolution Manager with a touch.

Wherever life takes them. 

We use powerful technology to enhance human potential, while knowing that nothing will ever beat the human spirit and instinct. So if you think the power of people and the power of technology makes for a, well, powerful combination… you’ll love the power of Gallagher Bassett.

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