The best risk control program in the world is only as effective as the employee who learns it and lives it.

That’s the perspective of Gallagher Bassett’s training and education practice. We understand that if you want to dramatically cut your exposure to liability, injury and loss? You need a workforce that’s armed with, not only the facts and figures, but the commitment to the shared responsibility of safety.

And if employees aren’t engaged, they’re far less likely to absorb and retain the information you need them to know. The information that can make all the difference between safety and debilitating accident.

You need an array of resources and answers that can combine to build a total risk control program. So GB offers a comprehensive library of more than 2100 training topics. Over 300 audio-visual training programs and online training modules. All designed to create your safety story – and share it – through engaging content.

GB can help you train your people through online and onsite curricula that will turn you employees into advocates for their own safety and the safety of those around them. On topics ranging from the proper use of Personal Protective Equipment to human resources policies.

If you’re looking to turn your workforce into your all-star team of risk control specialists, we can help. We invite you to connect with us.