Exposure to risk is inevitable.

Every time you make a decision about hiring, assignments, promotion, compensation, or termination, you can be exposing your enterprise to risk.
But with Gallagher Bassett as your partner for employment practices liability,
it’s risk you can control.

Our experts in the field of EPL will work with you to analyze the systems and procedures you have in place and recommend adjustments and changes where necessary to shield you from claims and litigation. They’ll help you navigate the myriad laws and regulations at the state and federal levels. And show you how to stay in compliance with all the demands of Title VII, the ADA, ADEA, FMLA…
and every other letter in the book.

We have a deep knowledge base of relevant scenarios to engage your people in learning the correct employment practices. Comprehensive training materials, including weekly Best Management Practices training bulletins. And online self-assessment tools.

Whether it’s an age discrimination suit, alleged retaliation against a whistle-blower, or a data breach involving employees’ private information, the environment for employers is daunting. But GB’s guidance in employment practices isn’t solely about staying out of trouble.

We go beyond, partnering with our clients to create a culture of trust and inclusivity, so every employee – in whatever part of his/her cycle with your organization - feels valued and respected.

To learn more about our EPL team can help you take care of, and make the most of your team, we invite you to connect with us.