Forewarned is forearmed… confident… capable… and ready to carry on in the face
of adversity.

Emergency Response & Crisis Planning with Gallagher Bassett is ready to give you the perspective and the plan to be ready if the moment hits. Whatever the moment – man-made or natural.

The threats to your organization are real and evolving. Whether it’s the rise in the destructive power – and the frequency and duration – of storms. The threat of wildfire. Or the human hazards created by active shooters and terrorism. How will you be able to respond? Depends in great deal on the choices you make now.

When you choose to partner with GB to develop and implement your emergency response & crisis planning, you’re giving your enterprise the edge to survive and thrive, whatever comes your way.

It’s an on-site, customized and collaborative approach to analyzing your needs and realities and putting in place the necessary safeguards, systems and training. Our Risk Control experts will help you develop protocols for evacuation in the face of danger. For setting up alternative worksites, data protection and recovery, and work from home programs that can keep your people safe while keeping your business running. We’ll show you what to do if it becomes necessary to shelter in place due to fast-moving threats. And how to keep your people and the people counting on you informed, engaged and safe.

We offer the assessment, the training and the ongoing collaboration you need to ensure that you’re ready to face any circumstances.

And ready for business.

To start your preparation for a safer tomorrow, we invite you to connect with us.