It’s the catastrophic machine injury that wasn’t, thanks to a safety lever.

The sciatica that didn’t flare up, all because of an ergonomic seat. Or the fire that never started, because of a new clean agent suppression system.

At Gallagher Bassett we’re on the frontline every day, controlling the cost of claims and lowering the cost of risk. And there’s no better time and place to fight them than before claims arise.

Right on your own premises.

That’s why we’ve built a consultative practice that works with our clients to assure they’re doing all they can to lower their exposure. To lower their cost of risk. Through improved systems. Increased training. And the cultivation of a culture where safety becomes a shared watch and a shared responsibility.

And one where cutting corners becomes unthinkable.

We’re ready to help with Assessment Services, Program Development & Implementation, Training & Education, Behavior-Based Safety Systems, Emergency Response & Crisis Planning, Employment Practices Liability, and Environmental Health & Safety.

Risk isn’t some supernatural force. It’s a web of factors to be analyzed. Understood. And controlled. No one does that better than GB. We carry the tools to build a future for your business, a safer and freer future. Where your risk is mitigated more than ever.

We offer a comprehensive analysis of your challenges and objectives, beginning with a review of existing corporate policies and programs.
We look at the cost-drivers that are affecting you. Identify the gaps in
your plan. And tailor a solution that creates a stronger shield around
your business.

The solutions are real.
So are the savings in dollars and in suffering.

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