By: Joe Powell


This year marked my 8th RIMS conference (ahem, RISKWORLD) with Gallagher Bassett — and a return to San Diego, where the conference was held in 2016. We at GB have been busy over that period: our RMIS, Luminos, has been rated as the industry's best for 7 consecutive years; we achieved superior outcomes and won innovation awards for Treatment Quality Index (TQI) and SMART Benchmarking; and we implemented an entire suite of machine-learning decision support tools, Waypoint. Despite those accomplishes and innovations, each touted in a past conference, I can't recall a RIMS with quite as much anticipation and excitement as there was this year, the year of Generative AI.

Over the past several months, GB's team of data scientists and claims professionals have partnered to develop our game-changing Gen AI roadmap. RIMS was our first opportunity to share this vision and initial phases of the rollout, including interactive demos, with our clients, prospects, and frontline claim staff. The positive feedback we received was overwhelming, from clients, prospects, brokers, and frontline claims staff alike.

Specific feedback from a broker partner expressed that our AI journey was "the most thoughtful and comprehensive" they had witnessed in the industry. They commended our creative approach, from identifying relevant use cases to involving claim experts in the functionality and design process.

In addition to client excitement, an even greater response to GB's Gen AI vision came from GB's Resolution Managers (RMs) and Supervisors who attended the conference to demonstrate the importance GB places on our frontline talent. By leveraging GB's Gen AI to rapidly summarize claims and documents or answer questions quickly, the possibilities to positively impact the day-to-day work of our claims professionals are tremendous. The RMs were excited to see this functionality utilized more broadly, as they recognize its potential to meet their needs and free up time, allowing them to focus on delivering exceptional service to injured workers and claimants.

Perhaps most eye-opening was the prospect of our AI 'agents' working together as an AI team. Seeing our vision, clients often suggested their own ideas for how these could interact, for example our email-based AI agent passing key information from an attachment to a claim summarizer AI agent. We are just at the beginning of what is possible as these tools begin to work together — a key component of our GB's Gen AI vision.

The pursuit of building and leveraging the right tools and technology to ultimately enhance the experience of our staff, clients, claimants, and injured workers continues, and we are committed to delivering on our own high expectations. As RIMS confirmed, the present and future are very bright.


Joe Powell

Joe Powell

SVP — Data & Analytics

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