By: Dr. Gary Anderberg


February 12, 2024 — During that partial week between the Christmas parties and the New Year's parties we saw an item from the UK that could curdle your eggnog. A very sophisticated, multi-part new hack called Operator Triangulation came to light that turns your iPhone into a spy, giving the hackers access to everything you do on your phone.

"Hackers were using a complex and detailed series of hacks to break into phones and load them with software that can be used to spy on their users…." Think of how all of your colleagues use their phones for business. What are the potential risks?

The good news is that this particular hack used vulnerabilities in iOS 16.2, and those doors have been closed with recent updates.* But the larger point is, as one expert put it, "I think what's happening is that that there are more and more avenues of attack. And that's partly a function of wider and wider deployment of technology. More and more technology is being used in more and more scenarios…."

Note that this exploit used a series of first day flaws in the operating system of the phone, not in any, say, corporate email running on that phone. But once the hacker got in…. well, the whole telephonic smorgasbord was there on the table.

Is this risk — what we might call the potential Trojan Horse in your pocket — on your radar?

*I'm on iOS 17.2.1, how about you?


Dr. Gary  Anderberg

Dr. Gary Anderberg

SVP — Claim Analytics

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