We guide those suffering a loss to the
best outcome.

Ten simple words that add up to a powerful promise. The promise that is Gallagher Bassett.

Since our founding we’ve understood that a time of injury, illness or loss can be one of the most devastating times any of us can ever face. A time of doubts, frustration, anger and fear. It can be all those things. But it doesn’t have to be.

We believe no one is defined by the worst day of his or her life.

And that the only limitations any of us have on our futures are our imaginations and our capacity to work to make it happen.


A revolution for access.

We’ve changed the old adversarial notion that existed for too long in the industry. Opting for a way of partnership and collaboration with those in need.

At the heart of it, you’ll find our Resolution Manager. A person fully invested in guiding the suffering with care. Compassion. And creativity. And each Resolution Manager is fully empowered to unlock access to the treatments and services that can bring about a better outcome. Faster. And each is challenged to “Own the Outcome.” To take a greater degree of care and apply a greater degree of dedication than anyone else in the industry.

Backing them up are some of the strongest decision support tools and the most robust network of expert care providers available.

That's what we mean when we talk about going beyond the expected in the continuous pursuit of a better way.

We are here to make life better for each person we serve.


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