Sometimes being the leader means not waiting for the market to come to you.

Sometimes it means taking a new solution straight to the market. That’s what we’re doing with our Carrier Solutions.

GB recognized that there was a better way to the traditional in-house claims management function. Because while carriers excel at assessing and underwriting risk, handling claims is something different. And claims are all we do. We recognized that we could not only provide greater economy of scale and excellence of operations when it came to a carrier’s claims. We could also free the carrier to focus on additional underwriting and expansion into new products
and territory.


Virtually a part of your team.

We’ve created a cross-function team focused entirely on the unique goals and objectives of property and casualty carriers. Our goal is to be the best possible reflection of your standards and operations. And to be the most seamless part of your organization. When you choose Gallagher Bassett to handle your claims, you’re choosing to partner with a team that looks, operates and feels like your own.

Not only do you reduce your ULAE in terms of salaries, benefits, IT and a lot more. Your practice benefits from enhanced compliance. Improved customer service.

And demonstrably superior outcomes.

It’s another example of how Gallagher Bassett “goes beyond.” Not unbundling, unburdening. And not mere “outsourcing.”

This truly is “best-sourcing.”


In anticipation of the surge of business interruption claims, GB has formed a specialized team organized to assist carriers. Click here to learn more about this offering.

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