There’s power in common understanding.

When a group of companies come together to form a Captive Association, they’re making a decision to look beyond their own interests. To share experiences and solutions with an eye towards mutual benefit.

It’s a powerful mission. And no one supports it like GB’s Captive and Alternative Market Solutions team.

We measure our success by yours.

When you choose GB as your partner you’re getting a lot more than premier Claims Management. You’re getting a fully vested partner, committed to maintaining the health and safety of anyone who comes onto your premises. Or comes into contact with your business.


Customized. Caring. Consultative.

The GB advantage lies in our recognition that there’s no one-size solution for Captives. We work in collaboration with you to fine tune your Loss Control Programs. We not only deliver solutions that keep you compliant with OSHA and other regulating agencies, we develop “go beyond” solutions that deliver a safer workplace for all. Increasing your profits by decreasing your exposure to risk.

And we bring the same care to our Alternative Markets practice. So religious organizations and not-for-profit entities can stay true to their callings, knowing their liabilities are being overseen with dedication. Experience. And empathy.

Contact us if you’d like to talk about how GB’s mission of delivering premier claims management can help support your mission.

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