So, why Gallagher Bassett?

Time and again I’ve been asked, “Why Gallagher Bassett?” “What are the keys to your way of doing business?” And, as you’ve undoubtedly guessed since you clicked through to here, I’d have to say: First and foremost, it’s our people.

Day after day, the things that impress me most about our team are the care and compassion they bring to their work. They truly take to heart that “GUIDE. GUARD. GO BEYOND.” isn’t just a great tagline. It’s a call to action for each of them. And how they answer that call.

There’s a spirit here that wants to give more. And that, in turn lets Gallagher Bassett become more.


You see it reflected in our Resolution Managers. Where the old industry standard was to have “claims adjusters”, we saw a better way. A way of partnership and collaboration between insurers and those suffering loss. A way that leads to better outcomes for all. Faster.

In the weeks ahead, we’ll be introducing you to some of the people who make Gallagher Bassett such a special team. Because each is such a special person.

Go beyond,


PS - If you’ve got the passion to help others, consider becoming a part of Gallagher Bassett.

I invite you to connect with our Human Resources team.

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