A great claim. But, then Gallagher Bassett is a great organization.

We are a global business managed uniquely for each region. Ensuring that each Gallagher Bassett client - from Walla Walla, Washington to Wallaroo, South Australia - receives our uniformly high level of quality. And benefits from our commitment to industry leadership.

Since our founding, we’ve never forgotten our “why.” Never lost sight of our North Star.

We are here to make things easier for others. Our clients and all the people they serve - by bringing to bear all the tools and solutions which our experience tells us will deliver superior claim outcomes.

We believe our greatest success is only a reflection of yours. We free you to focus on the opportunities of tomorrow. Rather than the challenges of today.

We don’t accept change. We drive it. We are a leading source of innovation in risk and claims management. And we believe there’s nothing riskier than the status quo.

We believe businesses and people are a lot alike. They both want and deserve the best possible future. We identify and unlock better outcomes.

We believe people are capable of amazing things. Every day, we help create the conditions that allow them to succeed.


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