Greg McKenna to Lead External Affairs

Gallagher Bassett is pleased to announce the promotion of Greg McKenna to the position of Senior Vice President for External Affairs, a newly created functional area within GB’s Marketing and Communications Department. In the age of new media, it is critically important for GB to stay engaged in two-way communication with the stakeholder groups affecting and influencing our industry.  External Affairs embodies GB’s commitment to remain a vibrant, vital component of this vast stakeholder community. 

Chief Marketing Officer, Dave Gordon, is very excited to have Greg join the US Marketing and Communications team. "Greg has a breadth and depth of understanding of the issues affecting and influencing this industry.  Given his experience and track record in this space, he is a natural fit to lead our external affairs function and will help take our company and our brand to the next level.” 

 McKenna has served GB as its VP and Counsel for Governmental Affairs for the past four years.  As head of GB’s External Affairs initiative, McKenna will oversee GB’s presence, performance and participation with the major stakeholder groups with whom we interact: the public sector, the community, academic institutions,  and industry associations. The External Affairs group will be our primary liaison to the media, associations, conferences and philanthropic groups on issues and events shaping our industry. As part of an ongoing initiative to fully engage with each of these critical groups, External Affairs will manage content distribution through our various multimedia platforms, including our direct subscription services, social media, publications and industry presentations. In addition, McKenna will serve as the company’s primary spokesperson for GB’s emerging multimedia channels. Joining Greg will be Cari Miller, who will take greater responsibilities for directing and overseeing GB’s governmental and community relations. Greg and Cari will also continue to co-author, “The Way,” GB’s Weekly Governmental Briefing.

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