Here is the most comprehensive, most complete solution you’ve ever seen.

Built in partnership with Origami Risk, we’ve married together the industry’s gold standard in SaaS with GB’s unmatched perspective as a global claims management leader. LUMINOS is your single, global portal into the total picture of your risk management program. With stunning clarity wherever you focus, from individual claims to data trends. Illuminating whatever it takes to let you more accurately assess, and control, your total cost of risk.

It’s a bold vision that’s paying off for clients. And earning the recognition of the industry’s most respected experts. In the 2018 RMIS Report, LUMINOS garnered top spots amongst all the competition in NPS (Net Promoter Score, a prominent customer service metric and a measure of how likely a current user is to recommend your solution). And we were ranked as the most comprehensive solution, with the widest array of core and enhanced functionality and strongest system capabilities.

The 2018 RMIS Report goes on to praise LUMINOS for a trio of the most important attributes you could ever want in a RMIS solution: Advanced technology. Excellent claims management analysis. And excellent graphics, reporting and dashboards. To discover more of the story,
check out the report here.

And while we’re grateful and humbled by the recognition, we have to say it’s the type of feedback we planned for all along. Through years of investment and passion for creating the most powerful, most global - and yet most personal - RMIS solution
in the business.

LUMINOS is a great example of how Gallagher Bassett is bringing our technical prowess and unmatched commitment to service to propel your program to the next level of superior claims management.

To learn more about how LUMINOS can light up
your business like never before, we invite you to 
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