Behavior-based safety systems make the crucial difference between a successful risk management program and unacceptable exposure for your company.

This is where Gallagher Bassett can help you take the best protocols and policies and put them into action. By making your workers better informed, better engaged, and better protected than ever before. By making them invested stakeholders in keeping themselves and all their colleagues safer.

Behavior-based safety systems are developed the way a good detective develops a case. They’re built, painstakingly, by analyzing the what and why of employees’ tasks and actions. Developing an intervention strategy that’s science-based (never merely intuitive) and teaching and sharing it throughout your enterprise. GB goes beyond the basics like proper fit and use of PPE to offer you solutions across the full spectrum of controls from administrative to engineering – all aligned to reduce or eliminate behaviors the cause risk.

It’s a partnership that puts everyone - management, supervisors, and front line workers - on the same page and on the same team. And creates a culture where safety becomes a shared responsibility. And the only way of doing business.

Every day, the choices and behaviors of your people are either increasing or reducing your risk. If today is the day you’re ready to give yourself the advantage, we’re ready to help.

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