Every year we manage in excess of 5,000 complex liability claims on behalf of carriers, intermediaries, the London market, government entities and corporations.

We employ New Zealand and Australia's largest and most experienced team of liability claims specialists, combining legal, corporate and insurance experience to ensure a broad range of knowledge is applied to every claim portfolio.

Liability claims management services

We tailor our services to your requirements. Our liability claims management services include:

  • Dedicated service team with the capability to manage any liability claim, anywhere in New Zealand or Australia
  • Targeted strategies for control and reduction in average claims cost
  • Agreed best practice customer service standards
  • Scalability — capacity to meet changing volumes
  • Intimate understanding of your business objectives and end-customer relationships
  • Proactive communication with all stakeholders
  • Cost effective, proactive and credible dispute resolution mechanisms
  • 24/7 comprehensive support, with web-accessible claims management information systems
  • Flexible and tailored reports specific to your requirements
  • Consistent compliance in external audits, insurance ombudsman service and clients.

Why partner with GB

  • Robust cost containment strategies to control spending and reduce portfolio liabilities
  • Award winning corporate governance framework to provide peace of mind around business risk, service level agreement adherence and contractual compliance
  • Our commitment to understanding your business and ensuring the delivery of claims management services aligned to your business objectives
  • Best practice customer service initiatives to protect your brand and enhance your reputation
  • Proactive oversight of portfolio performance and trending to assist underwriting modelling.

Our liability results

  • Initial reserves within 20% of total incurred on complex liability portfolios
  • Reduction in legal liability spend in 12-month period from 41% to 22%
  • Proven reduction of legal expenditure as a percentage of portfolio costs from 50% to 22% over a four year period
  • 26% reduction in the average life of claim across national liability portfolio
  • In excess of $2 million identified and recovered within nine month period across a national liability portfolio.

Meet our general insurance expert

Steven Walsh

Steven Walsh

Chief Client Officer