August 11, 2021 — A large retailer has been a valued GB client for 7 years. In the spirit of continuous improvement, GB partnered with our client to evaluate performance and identify additional ways to enhance the program. We collaborated to outline program challenges, craft specific and measurable objectives, and continue to drive improved outcomes.

On the workers' compensation side, the goal was set to improve and optimize quality medical treatment for injured employees, with a focus on mitigating opioid abuse and litigation propensity. On the liability side, the goal was set to be attentive and assertive to litigation management through timely communication, service, and partnership.

GB exceeded every benchmark for average indemnity incurred, and average lost work days. To ensure these goals were met, Gallagher Bassett:

  • Mitigated medical costs, through medical provider panel refresh initiatives, targeted utilization of GB's nurse triage solution PC365, and selective and timely application of nurse case management through Clinical Guidance and TQI.
  • Controlled lost work days, through monthly Luminos reporting, modified work duties for injured workers, and GBCARE monitoring of pharmaceutical utilization.
  • Controlled expense, through expanded use of the GBGO mobile app, audits of the claim team validated by claim quality metrics, and a focus on care and compassion.
Utilization of PC365 services increased 78%
82% of lost time claims were closed at 24 months
Opioid usage reduced 43% over a five-year period
Reduced annual spend by 25% over a four-year period
Average cost of auto BI expense decreased by 28% over the same four-year period


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