If there’s one thing facing more uncertainty than healthcare today, it’s the world of Medical Malpractice claims.

One day you hear the frequency of claims is decreasing nationally…and that seems like good news. The next day? You learn that awards are on the rise. And that courts are striking down caps. It’s hard to diagnose the situation. So now, more than ever, you need a powerful and proven partner by your side. You need Gallagher Bassett. Our team of experienced Resolution Managers, investigators, attorneys, registered nurses, and certified risk managers combine to form a team of unrivalled strength and knowledge.

We serve clinics, provider practice groups, hospitals and long-term care facilities throughout the cycle of a claim. From evaluation to negotiation and through
to resolution.

These claims are not only some of the most complex and potentially costly, they’re also the most highly emotionally charged. Often, those suffering a loss feel a sense of betrayal and anger at a provider or facility they believe has let them down. Left unaddressed, those feelings can complicate the search for resolution and drive up settlement costs.
But there is another way.

And it’s the way GB handles every claim. With expertise. Experience.
And empathy.
We pay close attention to the “signs and symptoms” of trouble ahead on your Medical Malpractice claims. Giving you the benefit of early intervention. Because, even in a world where seemingly everything changes?

An ounce of prevention will always be worth a pound of cure.

Learn more about our approach to Medical Malpractice, we invite you to connect with us.