When a liability claim hits your business, you’re hit with both immediate and follow-on effects.

To the injured person and well beyond. Let’s take the example of a slip and fall in a chain restaurant. You’ve just thrown an emotionally charged event into the controlled chaos that is a popular restaurant on a busy evening. And the ability for the manager to respond quickly – and to get a response quickly – from your claims services partner makes all the difference in getting the experience for everyone back on track.

With Gallagher Bassett, you’ve got a partner that understands both the critical need for timeliness, and how to apply the right remedy at the right time to mitigate action. And how that can keep small claims from going bad and turning into big ones. Your GB Resolution Manager is empowered, and armed with the most vital of decision-making tools: empathy. They know how a quick and sincere response from your company can avoid larger headaches later on.

In this digital era, customers are eager to share their brand experiences (good, bad, or injurious) around the world with a picture, a video,
or 280 characters. It pays to have a partner handling your liability in a way that not only protects your bottom line, but also protects the image you’ve worked so hard to build.

To learn more about how GB can enhance your general liability program, we invite you to connect with us.