Whether you’re looking after a fleet of one, one thousand or anything in between, your business needs to keep moving forwards.

As they old saying goes, if they aren’t turning, you aren’t earning. And choosing GB to handle your auto liability can keep them turning faster and smoother than ever.

An accident involving one of your vehicles is a highly visible incident. And not only to those passing motorists slowing down to rubberneck. It raises your organization’s visibility and exposure to damages and in the court of public opinion. Especially when the accident involves loss to a third-party and to
carried cargo.

That’s why fleet operators, from retail and food services to freight and logistics companies, choose us as their partner for these types of Liability claims. They know Gallagher Bassett has the tools to ease the burden to your operations at every step of the way. And it all starts right after impact, at the side of the road. Our incident reporting procedures make it easy for your drivers to report in, regardless of location. And to set all that we do into motion.

And with a nationwide network of care providers and Resolution Managers who understand the industry – from DOT compliance to local, state and federal statutes – we’re ready to steer you back into the flow and into the fast lane to a better outcome.

To learn more about how GB can take your auto liability program the extra mile, we invite you to connect with us.